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Content Studio Loft / Commercial Kitchen

Boston, MA

After having purchased the perfect loft to launch her new business, StudioB, Sarah needed a commercial kitchen to shoot her baking content content in. Rebel stepped in and helped her create her dream kitchen for her other, already well established baking blog Broma Bakery. 


What We Did

The goal of this kitchen was to create a signature space for the Broma Bakery network, as well as to serve as a stage for Studio B and their clients. 

The designers were presented the challenge of creating an adaptable, multi-use space. The client required an elegant and unique kitchen for her own network of baking platforms, while also being able to transform it into a blank canvas for the other influencers and creators who would rent out the space. 

The pivotal moment in design was when our client presented us with the breathtaking Calacatta Monet marble, that she had spotted in New York City. We decided to not only use this stunning marble as the countertop, but also apply it as a backsplash. Using this marble as the signature element, the rest of the design choices fell into place.


The custom hood became a sculptural element that would ground the high ceilings of the studio with the delicate fixtures and design elements. 

RB Pattern 2.png
Rebel Builders Stamp.png
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