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We offer residential design-build done differently

At Rebel Builders, our love of transformation drives us. Whether you know it or not, your space is brimming with potential.

Rebel Builders Design Build Kingston Add

We get excited helping our clients reshape their surroundings to fit their unique needs, style, and budget—and the excitement is contagious.

You can count on us to minimize surprises by drawing on our extensive experience, doing our homework, conducting exploratory demo, and calling on support from our trusted trade partners.

You’ll also know exactly what’s happening in your home and keep everything organized thanks to our BuilderTrend online client portal. From floorplans to change orders to daily logs—it’s organizational perfection designed to help you sleep easy.

At Rebel Builders we value


Transforming living spaces demands safety and understanding. As a Queer, Latinx, woman-owned and operated design-build firm, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, respectful working environment. We offer our diverse clients solutions that fit their lives, style, and vision.


One benefit of a design-build approach is that we can accurately assess costs before ever lifting a hammer. By over-communicating and being upfront about costs, we minimize surprises and help clients make informed decisions. 

Rebel Builders Design Build Kingston Add


We bring global perspectives to Boston area home renovations. Our practical, lifestyle-enhancing designs benefit from expert craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind handmade artistic touches.

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We take our work seriously. The design-build process allows us to manage every aspect of your project so that we can offer accountability from start to finish. Every Rebel employee or subcontractor you encounter is committed to exceeding your expectations.


Creatively satisfied people naturally generate inspired ideas. We’re committed to giving our team members opportunities to learn and grow. We also believe in empowering our clients in the design-build process through education and collaborative decision-making.

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Why choose Rebel Builders for your next Boston area home renovation?

Meet The Rebels

You want to work with out-of-this-world talented, respectful, and open-minded people. We do too. Our core Rebel team and our carefully vetted subcontractors do their jobs at the highest level while fostering a safe, inclusive space for you and everyone working in your home.

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