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What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a streamlined approach to residential construction projects. 

In a traditional Design-Bid-Build approach, you need to hire a designer, then find a separate contractor to complete the build. That means managing two separate entities and keeping communication straight between them—not the most efficient process. Instead, Design-Build integrates design and construction teams to create a single point of contact and accountability. One consistent vision drives the project from start to finish, offering fewer headaches and surprises and better outcomes.

Proof is in The Practice


shorter construction duration


shorter delivery


construction cost

Faster Delivery

By bringing everything under one roof, we can consolidate schedules, build precisely as the design specifies, and even handle some tasks concurrently.

A Penn State University study shows how Design-Build outperforms Design-Bid Build.

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6 to 12 Months


6 to 8 Months


1/2 to 2 Months

You share your challenges and goals; we help define a realistic scope, budget, and timeline. We’ll set you up with our online client portal to track meeting minutes, floorplans, and more. You’ll come away with a clear sense of your options and a feasibility plan.

Get ready to dig into the details. We'll assemble your team of expert tradespeople, explore your style, and get specific pricing for the fixtures and finishes that fit your aesthetic. By the end of this phase, we'll have your budget nailed down so that you know exactly what to expect.

From the excitement of demo day to the totally-worth-it realities of having a bunch of people in your space, construction is a roller coaster. The good news? We don't lift a finger until every detail is selected and approved. This planning helps us work efficiently and smoothly, updating you regularly on project milestones.

Our Process


1/2 to 2 Months

If you need some creative inspiration to decorate and furnish your new spaces, we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to help you customize your home’s style, often incorporating work from our community of artisans or our own makerspace textiles, pottery, and small objects.

Post Project

After you move in, there might be finishing touches that still need to be done; just like the final visit to the tailor before wearing that new outfit. We don't want to miss even the smallest detail. At the end, we will stage and photograph the space to add to our portfolio and for you to enjoy. 

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