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Careers at Rebel Builders


Design Assistant - Remote

Rebel is seeking a full-time Construction Assistant to join the team to support onsite construction efforts. This entry-level position will work on multiple projects as a part of a diverse collaborative team and a shared commitment to design excellence, build-ability, client service, and the professional growth opportunities that come from a start-up company. This is a paid position. Trade school students may apply through a coop as part-time.

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Experience & Qualifications

  • 1+ Years in construction work (preferred)

  • Basic understanding of hand tools, power tools, and associated safety measures

  • Valid driver's license and access to a vehicle

  • 18+ opportunity (17+ through trade school coop)

Duties & Responsibilities


The duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Work with the Construction Team to execute various projects

  • Assist the Site Supervisor to supervise construction work performed by subcontractors

  • Work onsite to liaise between trades, solve problems, and ensure quality

  • Assist the Site Supervisors/Lead Carpenters and Project Managers to collaborate with the Design Team during both the design and construction phases to facilitate the best solutions for the project

  • Pick up materials at suppliers and deliver to sites

  • Promote a good image of the company before the public

  • Work as a team to hold all team members accountable for production goals in design and construction

  • Improve and expand the company’s trades and suppliers network

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