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New England Colonial / Whole House Remodel

Brookline, MA

When these homeowners saw the house next door to theirs go on the market, they pounced on the opportunity.  After living in the neighborhood for years, they knew they loved the location but were ready to find a space that would fit their growing family.

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What We Did

The newly-purchased house hadn’t been remodeled in decades and was in a state of disrepair, but with such a chaotic layout, the homeowners truly didn’t even know where to begin.

The clients wanted to do a true whole-house remodel; that means everything from the exterior siding to the windows to the backyard, to the attic, to the stairwells… and beyond!  The family knew they wanted to totally redesign the layout to increase cohesion and align with the flow of how the spaces would actually be used. They also knew they wanted to add a  main suite and finish both the basement and the attic to increase usable spaces for their family. 

WIth a whole house remodel of this scale,  the main challenge was to reimagine the flow in a way that would answer to the needs of the family while also respecting their budget. Our design was anchored on the decision to stack the stairs and connect all four levels of the home, while removing the auxiliary stairs to increase usable space. Doing this enabled us to triple the size of the kitchen and relocate the bathrooms to be more accessible on each floor. Beyond this, we wanted to make sure we were modernizing the entire home while still preserving the original style and unique character of the house.

This family has not been shy to detail all the parts they love about their home. They have ample space to conduct their day to day lives with unique spaces to commune together or find solitude and focus. They love having spaces custom fit for working from home, engaging in fun hobbies (like crafting home brews in the basement), entertaining guests, working on sewing projects, or building Lego masterpieces. From the outside, neighbors and passersby see an elegant, updated yet classic home spilling with life. 

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